Fresh Look for February

Monday, February 22, 2016

Recently, I decided I wanted a new look. I had been getting bored of constantly putting my hair up into a plaited/braided ponytail and frankly, having my forehead staring back at me all the time was not pleasant. I'm one of those people who cringe when I see my forehead, I dislike my natural hairline and I'd much rather have it hidden underneath a fringe.

So when I managed to finally get an appointment at my local hairdressers, Elize Hair and Nails in St Austell, I was so relieved. At last, I could do something different with my hair. It was far too long and not really workable so the only solution was to bung it up, and then Tuesday the 16th came. I had actually forgotten my hair appointment was that day until the night before as I was sure it was on the Thursday but thankfully, someone reminded me it wasn't.

The weeks leading up to getting my hair done, I had been scouring the internet for different hairstyles that would suit my face shape and length of hair. I was stuck between the following two:

Hair dilemmas!
I had no idea if I wanted the left one, with Ashley Tisdale, or the right. I really liked both so I sent pictures of both hairstyles to my mum, one of my sister's and my fiance. Everyone who I asked said that the Ashley Tisdale one was nice, but it looked like it would be far too much work to maintain daily and that the right one would suit me better. But of course, ultimately the decision was up to me and me only. I deliberated for a few days, taking everyone's opinions into consideration and I decided I'd agree. I love the volume of the left, but as someone who doesn't use much hair product at all and I'd get bored having to spend all day doing it, I went for the right one. It looks far lighter, easier to manage and I really loved the fringe.

When I arrived at the salon, I showed Mandy who has done my hair previously (I haven't been to the salon in a few years time) what I wanted. I was hoping to get as near to the style as possible, and I told her that I understand that obtaining the exact same cut would be difficult but I was confident that she could do something to near it as she could. And I'm very pleased with the results.


For the hair cut, I had a wash, cut and restyle for £41 which I was chuffed with (I also threw in a £1 tip because I was so happy with it). She cut around three inches off the bottom of my hair and made me feel brand new. I hadn't been in a hairdressers for a long time and it was nice to be able to relax knowing that my hair was in safe and good hands. I feel much more confident now I don't have to hide away from the world with my grotesque and large forehead haha! Walking out of that salon, I felt pretty.

It's always nice to give yourself a bit of a pampering, whether it's in the shape of a new hairstyle all together or just changing your routine. The little changes I've made so far this year, with my anxiety and getting a hairstyle I like, are all towards a long term goal of feeling positive about myself and doing things to make me happy.


Happy Monday!

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