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Who are you?

I'm Jane and I come from Cornwall. I'm twenty three years old and I've been in a long distance relationship for over four years with a Dutchman. We're planning to finally close the distance this year. I've had several blogs in the past and my blogging journey started as a twelve year old on LiveJournal - yes over a decade ago! I have a joint blog regarding our long distance journey with my fiancé, but I wanted a place where I could call my own. A little spot where I could post my current inspirations, my photography or just things that are generally on my mind particularly when I'm feeling anxious as I suffer from high social anxiety and I'm prone to panic attacks. Who knows where this little venture could lead me?

I've always loved writing and I'm currently working on a YA High Fantasy Novel series called The Qrolan Chronicles. You can find my mood board for it on Tumblr. It's always been a life long dream of mine to publish a book and I'm always coming up with different ideas for novels or stories. My mind is never short of creativity when it comes to writing, drawing or taking photographs.

I've studied a BTEC National Certificate in Media (TV & Film) where I received a Double Distinction. The year after that, I did take a BTEC Extended Diploma in Photography - unfortunately due to unforeseen personal circumstances, I wasn't able to finish my studies. Thankfully, due to the internet I'm always learning new things. I've self taught (with some help from my fiancĂ©) myself Dutch for the last two years and I'm constantly learning new vocabulary and different ways to say things in Dutch. I'm currently at an intermediate level and one day I'd love to visit The Netherlands to put my language skills to good use. 

Why Sunsets And A-Lines?

I've always loved sunsets from a young age. They're one of the few things that when I instantly see them it brings a smile to my face. Add the fact that I can't resist taking a picture when I see one outside my window - gotta love the sea view I wake up to every morning, eh? The A-Lines part comes from the fact that my dream wedding dress is in the a-line style and it just happened to randomly flow really well. 

If you would like to contact me, please feel free to send an email.


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